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Types of Asthma and Basic information about Extrinsic Asthma

As Asthma became a major disease in the last few decades, a lot of study has been done to study its symptoms and to classify it so that it can be tackled easily. This classification helps us to understand various causes of this disease and the necessary measures that can be taken to overcome this disease. Asthma is classified into two sub types and these are termed as intrinsic and extrinsic. This classification has been made on the causes of asthma and we will look here at Extrinsic asthma. This type of asthma is caused due to various allergies and its impact increases as the allergy season sets in. There are many different triggers for the allergies and therefore it is important that all these are mentioned in detail so that everyone can understand it.

Symptoms are very important to be identified for this type of asthma. There are many patients that suffer from hay fever and generally they have asthma of extrinsic type. Lungs are the part of body which is badly affected and generally a large amount of mucus is produced as a result of attack of this asthma. Production of mucus makes it clear that swelling of airways will occur and resultantly breathing problems will occur. There are few steroids that are considered very suitable for controlling asthma. Once we look in depth of the effect of steroids, we have seen that they symptoms of asthma are handled effectively and level of attack is reduced.

Extrinsic Asthma is very common among children because generally they like to enjoy the environment and they are exposed to allergens. Genetic factors have also been centre of debate whenever we have been looking into asthma causes. Extrinsic is majorly transferred genetically and it is also termed as Atopic asthma.  Pollen that is present in the environment and the dust mites are also major causes of it. Facts show that extrinsic type of asthma is caused in childhood and one needs to take care of the child that has a risk of catching asthma.

Treatment required for extrinsic type of Asthma

Treatment has always been a major point of discussion among patients and Extrinsic asthma is very important to be dealt at an earlier stage. Its treatment is easier if it is done earlier and that’s why one needs to identify which allergen is the cause of asthma. We have seen teenagers that were allergic to certain environment factor in childhood smoke so it is preferable that smoking is avoided.

Extrinsic Asthma is also related to the immune system ability to respond to environmental elements and therefore patients are given treatment according to their reaction to these particles. Overall one can say that extrinsic type of asthma is dangerous if it persists for a longer period of time and therefore it is recommended that regular meetings with the doctors are conducted so that asthma can be controlled at earlier stages.


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