Best Natural Remedies for Asthma


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Importance of Natural Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is painful whenever attack occurs, all the asthma patients are aware of this fact. Therefore, they keep on looking for possible remedies that can prevent attack or at least minimize the severity of attack. The walls of air tubules experience spasms constrict severely and outward passage of air is impeded. The asthma occurs whenever there is some triggering agent, the attack results in swelling of inner walls and plugging of tubules with mucus. The production of mucus is an immune response for the isolation of allergen or toxin produced by it in the tract. Swelling makes the air passage difficult and irritation results when air passes tightly through the mucus filled and swollen air passages. In order to avoid the painful attacks of asthma, there are certain natural remedies for asthma that have been applied by man since the early times. Some of the most useful and recommended remedies are given in this article.

Some most effectual Remedies for Asthma

The first natural remedy is related to the food and nutritional deficiencies. Many of the studies have reported positive effect of correction in nutritional deficiencies on the asthma patients. Studies show that deficiency of Vitamin B – 6 in nutrition may result in recurring attacks and supplements of this vitamin have been reported to cause improvements children suffering from atopic asthma. Moreover, the deficiency of vitamin C is also related with asthma attack. Therefore, the diets containing vitamin B6 and vitamin C can ensure improvement of asthma patients and reduction in the recurrence of asthma attack.

If you are interested in Natural remedies for asthma, Flax seed oil can be used as a remedy for patients because it contains different fatty acids that are required for production of some prostaglandins. These chemicals possess anti – inflammatory properties and helps in avoiding allergies due to the inhale of allergens. The immune system becomes stronger and recurrence of attack is reduced to minimum if patient is given this oil daily through normal diet. The oil can be included in the diet plan of asthma patient of any age regardless of the type, category and level of the disease.

Making a diet schedule containing the natural remedies for asthma is another important step that can be taken for the asthma patients. You must include healing foods in the diet. The foods with healing properties include fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, whole grains, brown rice, garlic and onions. All these foods contain a chemical known as quercetin and mustard oil is also present in these food items. Both these have the ability to reduce or even inhibit the production of an enzyme that causes the release of inflammatory chemicals in the respiratory tubules.

When you are implementing natural remedies for asthma, you must avoid different foods due to their asthma triggering effects. Do not include the dairy products in the asthma patient’s diet because these products have a greater contribution in the production of mucus and toxins that inhibit the air passage.


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