Different Types of Asthma Inhalers


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Asthma Inhalers and Their Types

The sufferers of asthma are facing great difficulties to live a healthy and happy life because the signs and symptoms of asthma cause greater pain and complications to them. The proper selection of asthma medication may help to prevent severity of asthma attack and its symptoms. These medications are available either in the form of long term relief controlled or in short term relief controlled and help to keep the air passages clean. The most common form of medication available for asthma is inhaled form and inhaled medications can directly influence affected area and instantly clean the air passages. For the best use of medications standard asthma inhalers are available with least side effects as compared to typical methods of taking medications.

To take the medications of asthma, three most general inhalation devices are available in markets for asthmatic patients. The most common asthma inhalation device is metered- dose inhaler (MDI) and it consists of a chemical propellant that helps to take a short- burst of drugs that is inhaled by asthmatics. The second device is dry powder inhalers (DPI) that draw-in a dose of drug with the help of patient’s breath, this process requires speedy inhalation. The third device is nebulizer that is used to manage the proper amount of mist in the lungs of patients.

Guideline for the Effective Use of Inhalers

It is very important to know about use of asthma inhalers for the patients because correct use of these inhalers makes sure delivery of exact dose to lungs. If the patients are not familiar with usage of inhalers then there is chance that required amount of medication has not delivered to lungs. To get the best results from all types of medical devices, educate and train yourself for the proper techniques for their usage. These techniques of correct usage can be taught by understanding   the inhalers directives and can also be learnt by discussing this problem with your physician.

Both types of asthma inhalers can be suggested by physician and it is your duty to consult them that which one is the best for your asthmatic condition. For the proper use of these inhalers, some techniques are suggested that will help in the proper delivery of medication dose to the air passages and lungs.  Before employing the inhaler in case of asthma symptoms or attack shake it several times.  The asthmatics should not lie down for taking dose by inhaler that causes complexities. Before inserting the mouthpiece of inhaler into your mouth, you must exhale to make your lungs air free.

When you start to breath in the mouthpiece of inhaler then press it only on proper time, so that your medication may not be overused and only single dose of drugs will be release. When you have taken the dose then pull the asthma inhaler from your mouth and inhale as much as you can to fill your lungs with fresh air for four to five seconds. After inhaling hold your breath for ten second and then exhale once again. These steps for usage of asthma inhalers must be learnt by every patient because improper inhaler techniques are responsible for the scanty delivery of dose to lungs.


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Basic Information about Extrinsic Asthma


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Types of Asthma and Basic information about Extrinsic Asthma

As Asthma became a major disease in the last few decades, a lot of study has been done to study its symptoms and to classify it so that it can be tackled easily. This classification helps us to understand various causes of this disease and the necessary measures that can be taken to overcome this disease. Asthma is classified into two sub types and these are termed as intrinsic and extrinsic. This classification has been made on the causes of asthma and we will look here at Extrinsic asthma. This type of asthma is caused due to various allergies and its impact increases as the allergy season sets in. There are many different triggers for the allergies and therefore it is important that all these are mentioned in detail so that everyone can understand it.

Symptoms are very important to be identified for this type of asthma. There are many patients that suffer from hay fever and generally they have asthma of extrinsic type. Lungs are the part of body which is badly affected and generally a large amount of mucus is produced as a result of attack of this asthma. Production of mucus makes it clear that swelling of airways will occur and resultantly breathing problems will occur. There are few steroids that are considered very suitable for controlling asthma. Once we look in depth of the effect of steroids, we have seen that they symptoms of asthma are handled effectively and level of attack is reduced.

Extrinsic Asthma is very common among children because generally they like to enjoy the environment and they are exposed to allergens. Genetic factors have also been centre of debate whenever we have been looking into asthma causes. Extrinsic is majorly transferred genetically and it is also termed as Atopic asthma.  Pollen that is present in the environment and the dust mites are also major causes of it. Facts show that extrinsic type of asthma is caused in childhood and one needs to take care of the child that has a risk of catching asthma.

Treatment required for extrinsic type of Asthma

Treatment has always been a major point of discussion among patients and Extrinsic asthma is very important to be dealt at an earlier stage. Its treatment is easier if it is done earlier and that’s why one needs to identify which allergen is the cause of asthma. We have seen teenagers that were allergic to certain environment factor in childhood smoke so it is preferable that smoking is avoided.

Extrinsic Asthma is also related to the immune system ability to respond to environmental elements and therefore patients are given treatment according to their reaction to these particles. Overall one can say that extrinsic type of asthma is dangerous if it persists for a longer period of time and therefore it is recommended that regular meetings with the doctors are conducted so that asthma can be controlled at earlier stages.

Best Natural Remedies for Asthma


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Importance of Natural Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is painful whenever attack occurs, all the asthma patients are aware of this fact. Therefore, they keep on looking for possible remedies that can prevent attack or at least minimize the severity of attack. The walls of air tubules experience spasms constrict severely and outward passage of air is impeded. The asthma occurs whenever there is some triggering agent, the attack results in swelling of inner walls and plugging of tubules with mucus. The production of mucus is an immune response for the isolation of allergen or toxin produced by it in the tract. Swelling makes the air passage difficult and irritation results when air passes tightly through the mucus filled and swollen air passages. In order to avoid the painful attacks of asthma, there are certain natural remedies for asthma that have been applied by man since the early times. Some of the most useful and recommended remedies are given in this article.

Some most effectual Remedies for Asthma

The first natural remedy is related to the food and nutritional deficiencies. Many of the studies have reported positive effect of correction in nutritional deficiencies on the asthma patients. Studies show that deficiency of Vitamin B – 6 in nutrition may result in recurring attacks and supplements of this vitamin have been reported to cause improvements children suffering from atopic asthma. Moreover, the deficiency of vitamin C is also related with asthma attack. Therefore, the diets containing vitamin B6 and vitamin C can ensure improvement of asthma patients and reduction in the recurrence of asthma attack.

If you are interested in Natural remedies for asthma, Flax seed oil can be used as a remedy for patients because it contains different fatty acids that are required for production of some prostaglandins. These chemicals possess anti – inflammatory properties and helps in avoiding allergies due to the inhale of allergens. The immune system becomes stronger and recurrence of attack is reduced to minimum if patient is given this oil daily through normal diet. The oil can be included in the diet plan of asthma patient of any age regardless of the type, category and level of the disease.

Making a diet schedule containing the natural remedies for asthma is another important step that can be taken for the asthma patients. You must include healing foods in the diet. The foods with healing properties include fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, whole grains, brown rice, garlic and onions. All these foods contain a chemical known as quercetin and mustard oil is also present in these food items. Both these have the ability to reduce or even inhibit the production of an enzyme that causes the release of inflammatory chemicals in the respiratory tubules.

When you are implementing natural remedies for asthma, you must avoid different foods due to their asthma triggering effects. Do not include the dairy products in the asthma patient’s diet because these products have a greater contribution in the production of mucus and toxins that inhibit the air passage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asthma in Children


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Different Cases and Asthma in Children

There have been many cases of children that have been suffering from Asthma since infancy. One of the cases states a seven year old girl that had been suffering from wheezing and rhinitis since her birth. As the years passed by, instead of getting better the situation has become even worse and now she is suffering from coughing and her sleeping patterns are also being affected. As the symptoms that are faced by the girl are of Asthma, the doctors quickly advise ways to control it. This was just one of the examples of Asthma in Children. There are different levels of Asthma that are faced by children and it is not easy to understand if we do not knowledge about the disease. Classification of Asthma has been made on the basis of duration of Asthma and we will look into it in detail.

The first question that arises in minds of people is that how can anyone suspect that the child is suffering from asthma. Well there are few symptoms that will make it easy for you to identify it. General symptoms include wheezing, cough, and problems in breathing for children. These symptoms become even more prominent when the children go to play and things become worse at late night and early morning.

Asthma in children is also caused by indoor environment as the majority time is spent by children at home. There are many factors at home that can affect the health of children and these factors include dust mites and cockroaches. Then there pollutants that might be present indoor as well as the pollutants that are present outdoor which can lead to asthma. Smoking is one of the reasons that cause children to suffer as the tobacco and other irritants become part of environment in which the children is. This situation seems very disturbing and if parents need to have proper know how about them.

Diagnosing Asthma in kids

Diagnosing Asthma in children is not one of the easiest tasks of the world. As we have stated earlier that diagnosis is made on the basis patterns, these patterns also vary from child to child. Some have wheezing at night while others keep on wheezing throughout the day. However diagnosis is very important as Asthma is incurable and proper medication is needed to control it. One has to understand that asthma is also transferred genetically and therefore one needs to keep a check whether any one in family had been suffering from it or not.

As one understands the reasons behind causing Asthma in children, it also becomes easy to eradicate these causes and to reduce their impact. However the severe cases of asthma need to be treated on emergency basis as they cause problems in breathing. Children need to be kept away from allergens so that they don’t become victims of this fatal disease. Overall, if your child suffers from asthma, it has got to be your mistake.

What is Asthma Exacerbation?


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Defining Asthma Exacerbation

If you have concerns for Asthma and patients suffering from this painful infection, you must have heard about its different types and different medical terms that are used by medical consultants to describe this condition. One of these terms is asthma exacerbation that is nothing but an alternate term for the attack of asthma. During the attack or exacerbation, respiratory tract is the major part of human body that is affected and deteriorated with the passage of time. Respiratory tract is divided and subdivided into finer tracts; these fine parts are tightened due to the accumulation of mucus in these parts. The constriction of these fine tubules leads towards difficult and painful breathing.

Many things present in your environment can trigger the disease and severity of attack. Therefore, patients must be provided quick and effectual treatment for provision of relief. Many of the triggers are known for their ability to cause this condition, a severe type of asthma attack. The doctors and researcher have not yet defined the major trigger of the disease. The disease is considered incurable till date due to many facts. It might be that the lack of knowledge about the causal agent has prevented the scientists to reach an effectual drug for the treatment of the disease. Among other causes, the knowledge of the many triggering agents and different cause and different level of symptoms for different persons might have confused the researchers to reach one or more effective drugs that can provide relief to the victims of asthma.

Asthma exacerbation is caused by allergens (e.g. molds and pollens), irritants (strong smell plus smoke), and sensitivity of the patients to medication of different infections, extreme mental stress, chest or heartburn diseases and excessive exercise. The major impact of these triggers include tightness of chest cavity, painful breathing requiring power of lungs, wheezing that comes out when patients try to force oxygen into their lungs, periodic cough, severe panic and blueness of skin due to lack of oxygen.

Asthma Exacerbation is classified into four different types or categories depending upon the severity, symptoms and some other factors. Fist category is the mild or intermittent asthma in which attack or symptoms occur twice in one week at maximum or only during two times a month. The second category of this ailment is known as mild persistent asthma in medical terms that accompanies attack or appearance of symptoms more than twice during one week. The rate of attack is more than two times a month but it never exceeds thirty times a month or more than once in one day.

Third category of asthma exacerbation is named as moderate persistent asthma that is characterized with occurrence of attack everyday or multiple nights in one week. Fourth category is called severe persistent asthma that is the worst of all. It is characterized with symptoms everyday and attack may occur multiple times during one day or during a night. It is clear that all the four categories of asthma are based on the occurrence of attack.

Health of Asthmatic patients and Asthma Diet


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Dealing with Asthma considering health of asthmatic people and Asthma Diet

It is a very common perception that if a person suffers from Asthma then only luck can help him because this disease cannot be cured. Well this is true that once you become a victim of this disease then there is not much that you can do about it to end it but one can at least control this disease. One of the most important factors that affect the Asthmatic people is their diet and here we will consider the ways through which we can control Asthma through diet. Asthma Diet is very significant as this disease affects lungs and respiratory system is also attacked. To understand the effects of diet, many researchers studied in detail about the impact of different diets and cases of patients.  There are different nutrients that are present in our daily food and generally people who eat natural foods like fruits and vegetables have fewer chances to be asthmatic.

Vitamins are the most important part of our diet and their intake is very important. It is widely believed that vitamins decrease the impact of asthma and fruits are very rich in vitamins. We’ll have a look at few vitamins that can support our argument. Vitamin C is considered to be a true antioxidant and they ensure the proper functioning of lungs so that issues don’t rise in health of people. Inflammation is controlled in an impeccable way through high intake of vitamins and a number of studies of asthmatic people support this argument.

This shows that the Asthma diet should have large proportion of vitamin C. Vitamin E is also considered to decrease chances of getting attacked by asthma. According to experts, inflammation can also be handled easily through high intake of Vitamin E and therefore all diets that have this vitamin must be taken. Supplements that are used by athletes generally have vitamin A and they are suitable for handling asthma that may be caused by exercising. Many vegetables contain zinc and it is also considered important to help in lowering probability of catching asthma.

Perfect diet of an Asthmatic Patient

Asthma diet can be properly understood if it is clearly mentioned that what should be consumed and what should not be. As there are many items that produce an allergic reaction, it is generally recommended that these should be avoided. Rice, bananas shouldn’t be eaten in access and especially in evenings or night so that attack of asthma doesn’t happen. Vegetables and fruits are very suitable for patients and their intake shouldn’t be stopped.

Teenagers although they might suffer from asthma still love to eat spicy and burger food but Asthma diet plan do not include it. This is due to the fact that spicy food increases inflammation. At night time, asthmatic people should eat less and they should try to have dinner a few hours before they are about to sleep. With keeping these measures, asthma can be controlled.

Different Types of Asthma Inhaler Brands


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Background of Asthma and different types of Asthma Inhaler Brands

Asthma has affected hundreds of millions of people all around the world and it continues to affect people on further large scale. Asthma has a number of triggers and due to such large number triggers, a number of people become victim of it. As Asthma is transferred from numerous sources, it is advisable that people try to control this disease as soon as they find about it. There are numerous symptoms about this disease and therefore Asthma inhalers are used on large scale. As demand of inhalers has increased, variety has also been introduced and now there are different asthma inhaler brands. These brands have received wide recognition and we will discuss about these brands in detail. Inhalers have been considered effective in transferring medicine and therefore its use has been on the rise.

As there has been development in diagnosis of Asthma and many solutions are being presented, patients have plenty of options to look for treatment. According to a number of experts, inhalers are the most suitable to use as they provide immediate relief and they make it easy for the affected people to get relief. Whenever there is a serious situation, the airways that have been blocked can be handled very easily by making a spray of inhalers. They make it easier for the patient to regain his original state. One must be wondering that there are many types of inhalers today and which one should be preferred. In my opinion, basic knowledge about the types of inhalers can make it easy for patients to choose.

Asthma inhaler brands follow two types of inhalers. The different brands belong to one of these types and it is important that these types are also within knowledge of patients. The two types of inhalers are the relievers and the controllers. As the name suggests, if the person is attacked by asthma and immediate relief is needed, then it is very suitable that reliever is used as it will bring back the situation to normal. Controllers are used when the level of severity increases and they are added with relievers to help the patient survive.

Different brands with inhaler types

We will mention here different asthma inhaler brands that belong to reliever’s type. Few of the most famous type of reliever’s inhaler are Isuprel, Ventolin and Berotec. These are internationally recognized brands and they have received a lot of appreciation from people. Bricanyl is also very famous brand in asthma inhalers but generally ventolin inhaler is preferred over it.

There are also controller asthma inhaler brands and they are also needed if the situation gets worse for the patient. Flovent, Alvesco and Serevent are the famous inhaler brands of controller type and they are available at reasonable prices. Generally doctors recommend Alvesco because of its simple use and its ability to provide relief. With the advent of so many brands, inhalers have become the most preferred way of fighting Asthma.

Understanding the Cause of Asthma


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Symptoms of Asthma and Cause of Asthma

Lungs are a very important part of our body and all the air passes through lungs. If the lungs of a person fail to do their task in normal way, then a person can have problem in breathing. One of such diseases that is caused by contraction of lungs is called as Asthma. Many of us are familiar with this disease and the effects that it has on a person. This condition can be for long time and severity of Asthma can even take life of person. Due to this, it becomes very important that we understand the cause of Asthma so that we can avoid it. It is also crucial as Asthma is considered as a disease that has no cure therefore we need to take measures to overcome the causes of it.

Asthma is not limited to a specific age group. Children of very small age can become a target of this disease as well as teenagers who are victims of allergy can also be affected.  We need to know the symptoms of asthma so that we can manage this disease. One of the most common symptoms of Asthma is the continuous whistle type sound that is produced in the airways while a person is breathing. One can see that children who do a lot of coughing become also a target of asthma. Whenever there is cold air and generally it is early morning time, people suffer from asthma attack and suffer from problems of breathing.

There has been debate among circles of experts about the cause of asthma. Some of them term it that the causes are known and there are many variables that play a role in causing the disease. The first factor that has proved to cause asthma is the genetic transfer of this disease. There might be one of our ancestors that suffered from this disease and now today this disease is transferred to new ones. Inflammation is one of the common genetic transfers that is seen in nose lining and allergies are also known for carrying the disease.

Environmental factors leading to Asthma

Environment today is not as pure as it was fifty to eighty years back and it is one of the leading cause of asthma today. Today there is a lot of dust in homes and children are generally not more into playing outside. As a result there are very many chances of them becoming asthmatic. We have seen elders smoke a lot of tobacco. If young kids are exposed to it then they will also suffer. There are also many chances that diet can also create asthma.

Teenagers today do not understand the significance of exercising every day. As exercising helps in expansion of air ways and makes it easy for one to breath, therefore avoiding daily exercise becomes one of the primary cause of asthma. One also needs to be careful about the workplaces as there are substances in the environment that can cause asthma. Once understood it becomes easier to minimize asthma impact.

All about Extrinsic Asthma


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Understanding Extrinsic Asthma

Asthma has a long history and has been a great physical problem for the mankind during ancient times. The investigations revealed its characteristics and negative effects for the human body. Medical researchers have explored this infection over the years and successfully acquired knowledge regarding different forms of the disease. They also devised several techniques for the classification of the disease into different form. They also successfully distinguished one form of asthma from others. The article provides comprehensive review of the different classes. Medically, the asthma is divided into two major classes called extrinsic and intrinsic asthma. This classification is based on the triggering agent or stimulus that starts the episodes of the infection. Extrinsic asthma can be described as allergic asthma in nature because it covers all types of infection that are triggered by allergies.

Other terms that doctors use to describe this category of asthma include allergic asthma and atopic asthma. Allergy refers to the response of the human body or its parts to something that is inhaled, ingested or taken in the form of medicine. Therefore, atopic asthma is clearly linked with allergy caused by certain substances. These substances are named as allergens that cause reactions in the human body and negatively affect some parts, especially the respiratory tract.

Extrinsic Asthma is triggered by allergens and it is important for everyone to know the major and different things to which his or her body shows allergic reactions. The disease is prevalent in almost all parts of the world. In tropics and subtropics, the most common allergens include pollens from grass and trees. These pollens get into the air and then enter into the respiratory canal of the allergic people and result allergies that ultimately lead into the attack of asthma.

Other allergens for extrinsic asthma include molds and animal dander. The people who have pets should keep their children away from them because animal dander has been reported as the most common allergen that causes asthma in children. Moreover, the mites are also present on the animal body and may enter the respiratory system through inhalation near the pets. Children who participate in sports activity should stay away from the dust because dust may contain dust mites, and if inhaled it can cause allergy resulting in attack of asthma.

There are some interesting stats and figures regarding extrinsic asthma are given below. Most of the people that get infected from this disease in childhood suffer from atopic asthma. Allergies have been reported to be cause of disease in almost 90 percent of the asthmatic patients (with age less than 16 years). Similarly 70 percent of patients aging between 16 to 30 years also have allergies. These stats are released by health institutes of the USA and WHO (World Health organization). The symptoms greatly vary for this category and are accompanies by skin conditions or hay fever. In the end, you can use this information to keep your children away from the sources of infection and share it with your friends.

Some of the Best Asthma Home Remedies


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Effectiveness of Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma is, to some extent an incurable, a respiratory disorder that is characterised by difficulties in respiration or breathing process, predominantly in the process of exhaling.  Asthma attack can be caused by many stimuli including pollens, allergens, bacteria and irritants. Asthmatic attack can also be caused by diet allergy and genetic and environmental factors like smoke, dust etc. For the treatment of asthma, home remedies have been proved very effectual and these remedies have been helping man to prevent the attack of asthma for a long period of time. This article provides information regarding some of the proven and effectual asthma home remedies that are considered best for centuries.

Ten Most Effectual Remedies for Asthma

Probably the most primitive home remedy that has been used by man is the use of lemon and water. Both these substances are known for their purifying characteristics and help in flushing out the toxic substances from the human body. On the other hand, lemon performs different remedial functions due to its anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Lime contains an effective expectorant agent that is helpful in breaking down mucus and making respiration easy.

Among the most primitive asthma home remedies, second is the use of figs. It retains the ability to deplete phlegm and smoothes the process of breathing. Only two to three fruits are sufficient to heal the condition of the patient. It can help in prevention of attack if soaked in water in the evening and taken regularly in the morning. Third remedy for asthma is the use of banana, especially when serious attack of asthma occurs. It is used in the cooked form along with black pepper. It helps in opening the bronchioles and air ways for smooth breathing.

Among the asthma home remedies, garlic is also considered effectual for prevention of attack by decreasing the amount of mucous generated in the lungs. Asthma patients must use one or two cloves of garlic and chew them effectively. Alternatively, garlic juice can be consumed along with fruit juices. Use of honey is also encouraged because it can boost human immune system effectively. It is used for prevention of asthma attacks as well as during the attack. However, excess use of honey on daily basis is known to aggravate the condition of the patient.

Use of coffee, mustard oil and camphor is also advised as asthma home remedies. Caffeine is present in the coffee and has same effect as over the counter medication. All these substances are known to open up the bronchioles and help in easy breathing. Other home remedies for asthma patients include use of bishop’s weed that possesses expectorant properties. Indian gooseberry is known to fortify the power of immune system to resist asthma attack. Antiviral traits of the root of bitter gourd are also advised to the patients for temporary convenience in breathing and drumstick leaves are also famous as home remedy for patients suffering from this disease.