Different Types of Asthma Inhaler Brands


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Background of Asthma and different types of Asthma Inhaler Brands

Asthma has affected hundreds of millions of people all around the world and it continues to affect people on further large scale. Asthma has a number of triggers and due to such large number triggers, a number of people become victim of it. As Asthma is transferred from numerous sources, it is advisable that people try to control this disease as soon as they find about it. There are numerous symptoms about this disease and therefore Asthma inhalers are used on large scale. As demand of inhalers has increased, variety has also been introduced and now there are different asthma inhaler brands. These brands have received wide recognition and we will discuss about these brands in detail. Inhalers have been considered effective in transferring medicine and therefore its use has been on the rise.

As there has been development in diagnosis of Asthma and many solutions are being presented, patients have plenty of options to look for treatment. According to a number of experts, inhalers are the most suitable to use as they provide immediate relief and they make it easy for the affected people to get relief. Whenever there is a serious situation, the airways that have been blocked can be handled very easily by making a spray of inhalers. They make it easier for the patient to regain his original state. One must be wondering that there are many types of inhalers today and which one should be preferred. In my opinion, basic knowledge about the types of inhalers can make it easy for patients to choose.

Asthma inhaler brands follow two types of inhalers. The different brands belong to one of these types and it is important that these types are also within knowledge of patients. The two types of inhalers are the relievers and the controllers. As the name suggests, if the person is attacked by asthma and immediate relief is needed, then it is very suitable that reliever is used as it will bring back the situation to normal. Controllers are used when the level of severity increases and they are added with relievers to help the patient survive.

Different brands with inhaler types

We will mention here different asthma inhaler brands that belong to reliever’s type. Few of the most famous type of reliever’s inhaler are Isuprel, Ventolin and Berotec. These are internationally recognized brands and they have received a lot of appreciation from people. Bricanyl is also very famous brand in asthma inhalers but generally ventolin inhaler is preferred over it.

There are also controller asthma inhaler brands and they are also needed if the situation gets worse for the patient. Flovent, Alvesco and Serevent are the famous inhaler brands of controller type and they are available at reasonable prices. Generally doctors recommend Alvesco because of its simple use and its ability to provide relief. With the advent of so many brands, inhalers have become the most preferred way of fighting Asthma.


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