Different Types of Asthma Inhalers


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Asthma Inhalers and Their Types

The sufferers of asthma are facing great difficulties to live a healthy and happy life because the signs and symptoms of asthma cause greater pain and complications to them. The proper selection of asthma medication may help to prevent severity of asthma attack and its symptoms. These medications are available either in the form of long term relief controlled or in short term relief controlled and help to keep the air passages clean. The most common form of medication available for asthma is inhaled form and inhaled medications can directly influence affected area and instantly clean the air passages. For the best use of medications standard asthma inhalers are available with least side effects as compared to typical methods of taking medications.

To take the medications of asthma, three most general inhalation devices are available in markets for asthmatic patients. The most common asthma inhalation device is metered- dose inhaler (MDI) and it consists of a chemical propellant that helps to take a short- burst of drugs that is inhaled by asthmatics. The second device is dry powder inhalers (DPI) that draw-in a dose of drug with the help of patient’s breath, this process requires speedy inhalation. The third device is nebulizer that is used to manage the proper amount of mist in the lungs of patients.

Guideline for the Effective Use of Inhalers

It is very important to know about use of asthma inhalers for the patients because correct use of these inhalers makes sure delivery of exact dose to lungs. If the patients are not familiar with usage of inhalers then there is chance that required amount of medication has not delivered to lungs. To get the best results from all types of medical devices, educate and train yourself for the proper techniques for their usage. These techniques of correct usage can be taught by understanding   the inhalers directives and can also be learnt by discussing this problem with your physician.

Both types of asthma inhalers can be suggested by physician and it is your duty to consult them that which one is the best for your asthmatic condition. For the proper use of these inhalers, some techniques are suggested that will help in the proper delivery of medication dose to the air passages and lungs.  Before employing the inhaler in case of asthma symptoms or attack shake it several times.  The asthmatics should not lie down for taking dose by inhaler that causes complexities. Before inserting the mouthpiece of inhaler into your mouth, you must exhale to make your lungs air free.

When you start to breath in the mouthpiece of inhaler then press it only on proper time, so that your medication may not be overused and only single dose of drugs will be release. When you have taken the dose then pull the asthma inhaler from your mouth and inhale as much as you can to fill your lungs with fresh air for four to five seconds. After inhaling hold your breath for ten second and then exhale once again. These steps for usage of asthma inhalers must be learnt by every patient because improper inhaler techniques are responsible for the scanty delivery of dose to lungs.


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