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Different Cases and Asthma in Children

There have been many cases of children that have been suffering from Asthma since infancy. One of the cases states a seven year old girl that had been suffering from wheezing and rhinitis since her birth. As the years passed by, instead of getting better the situation has become even worse and now she is suffering from coughing and her sleeping patterns are also being affected. As the symptoms that are faced by the girl are of Asthma, the doctors quickly advise ways to control it. This was just one of the examples of Asthma in Children. There are different levels of Asthma that are faced by children and it is not easy to understand if we do not knowledge about the disease. Classification of Asthma has been made on the basis of duration of Asthma and we will look into it in detail.

The first question that arises in minds of people is that how can anyone suspect that the child is suffering from asthma. Well there are few symptoms that will make it easy for you to identify it. General symptoms include wheezing, cough, and problems in breathing for children. These symptoms become even more prominent when the children go to play and things become worse at late night and early morning.

Asthma in children is also caused by indoor environment as the majority time is spent by children at home. There are many factors at home that can affect the health of children and these factors include dust mites and cockroaches. Then there pollutants that might be present indoor as well as the pollutants that are present outdoor which can lead to asthma. Smoking is one of the reasons that cause children to suffer as the tobacco and other irritants become part of environment in which the children is. This situation seems very disturbing and if parents need to have proper know how about them.

Diagnosing Asthma in kids

Diagnosing Asthma in children is not one of the easiest tasks of the world. As we have stated earlier that diagnosis is made on the basis patterns, these patterns also vary from child to child. Some have wheezing at night while others keep on wheezing throughout the day. However diagnosis is very important as Asthma is incurable and proper medication is needed to control it. One has to understand that asthma is also transferred genetically and therefore one needs to keep a check whether any one in family had been suffering from it or not.

As one understands the reasons behind causing Asthma in children, it also becomes easy to eradicate these causes and to reduce their impact. However the severe cases of asthma need to be treated on emergency basis as they cause problems in breathing. Children need to be kept away from allergens so that they don’t become victims of this fatal disease. Overall, if your child suffers from asthma, it has got to be your mistake.


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