Impact of Asthma and Asthma Treatment


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Classification of Asthma and Asthma treatment

There are very few diseases that have global impact on human life and millions of people suffer from them. One of such diseases is Asthma that has affected more than two million lives in last year. Many doctors and experts have termed this disease incurable but there are ways through which one can control the disease. It is very important that people get to know the ways they can minimize the impact of disease and also learn about Asthma treatment. Asthma has been defined as a disease that causes a stoppage in airflow and also creates a contraction in muscles of bronchioles. To overcome this disease one needs to understand the causes of it and a proper plan with which they can avoid it.

To start off with the causes of Asthma, the first and foremost thing is that asthma is caused due to environmental changes and also there are few genetic factors that cause it. When we look at the age groups, we see that children who have skin allergies and they are tested positive for it will be affected by Asthma at a later age. When it comes to biological research, children that have immunoglobulin E are more volatile to Asthma. Adults that have allergies are also exposed to this disease. Air pollutants present in the environment have also created an impact on lives of people and they have caused an increase in Asthma too.

Coming back to Asthma treatment, the initial step is to identify what triggers the disease. There are various symptoms for Asthma attack and the reason that starts off Asthma should be avoided. This includes smoking, pollution, dust mites etc. There have been a lot of cases in which it is not possible to overcome the trigger of Asthma and therefore medication is offered so that these cases can get relief. The medicines that are recommended are based on the occurrence of symptoms and the extent to which person is ill.

Prevention of Asthma through treatment process

The process of Asthma treatment involves the individuals to change the way they live and try to save themselves from the attack. The change in living involves putting an end to smoking, reduce the allergens in surroundings and try to be away from the pollution of environment. There are different levels of Asthma and there are numerous techniques to overcome it. If normal medication does not show positive results, then oxygen is provided to person so that hypoxia increases. There is a standard saturation point i.e. 92% and if hypoxia falls below it, then doctors recommend oxygen.

There have been people who have preferred therapies instead of medications. Not many results are in favor of therapies for Asthma treatment. As the medication process has improved and the measures taken have also made it easy for doctors to identify and cure Asthma, patients just need to follow the guidelines and ensure that they keep a regular check and balance on their health and their regular intake.


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