Myths about Asthma and Asthma Facts


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Statistics and Asthma facts

Asthma is considered as one of the most common diseases in the world and it has a very serious impact on the breathing of a person. There has been a lot of study about this disease and scientists have tried to draw up facts so that the understanding of Asthma becomes easier. Asthma facts are now very well established and these facts are very important to mention. Starting off with the facts, Asthma is a disease that can target a patient at any age but generally it affects the patients at early age. Asthma cannot be generalized and it varies from person to person. Also Asthma varies over the period of time. There are symptoms of Asthma that also vary from person to person and severity is at times more for one person as compared to another person.

Facts about the levels of Asthma state that this disease has three levels. These levels are named as mild level asthma, moderate level asthma and severe level asthma. However one needs to understand that any person at any level can receive a sever attack. The total numbers of people in Australia that are suffering from asthma are over two million. The statistics show that they are 2.2 million and every sixth children suffers from this disease. According to the stats this is the third largest victim of Asthma in cases of children.

When one sees the Asthma facts, we get to know that even the emotional condition can also create an increase in the rise of Asthma. Asthma is one of those diseases in the world that is incurable. There is no way that one can cure this disease however one can control the impact of it. If we calculate the genetic transfer of this disease in statistics, we get to know that there are seventy percent chances that the disease will be transferred to children if both parents suffer from asthma. If one of them suffers from asthma then thirty percent chances are there that the child will have asthma. If none of the parents have asthma, then there are six percent chances that child can have this disease.

Myths about Asthma facts

There have been a lot of myths about Asthma facts and it is very important that these are addressed so that one can be clear about every aspect of this disease. One of the myths is that we cannot play sports if we are suffering from asthma. Well this is not true as swimming is considered as one of the most suitable sports for controlling Asthma.

Asthma facts also address the query that pregnant woman cannot use the required inhalers to overcome Asthma. Well, inhalers can be used and there is no problem in using inhalers as they make it easy for woman and does not affect the baby. Asthma is not a disease which can be caught from another person and this also discards the popular belief that asthmatic people can transfer this disease if you sit or eat with them.


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