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Importance of inhalers and right choice in Asthma inhalers

One of the most common diseases in the world is Asthma. It is known to be affecting millions of people annually. Numerous organizations have set up their task to overcome this disease. It is a bitter reality that Asthma cannot be cured; one can only control this disease. Once it appears as if there is a very small window of error for the person that if he catches this disease, then he is gone. The truth is that as the health sector has progressed, there has been improvement in ways to overcome asthma and one of such ways is asthma inhalers. Inhalers are known to be the most suitable and easy to use medicine for asthmatic people.

In asthma basically the lungs of people are affected and the respiration is badly altered as well. Inhalers are known to provide medication to these lungs so that they open up and they solve the breathing problem. As asthma varies from person to person, many different types of inhalers are also introduced so that the one that suits a particular person is used. Doctors generally recommend the inhaler that is most suitable for you as choosing the right one is not an easy task.

Asthma inhalers are available in many types but we will mention here a few of them. One of the most widely used inhalers is metered dose inhaler. This inhaler has received a lot of appreciation and it works on principle of pressurized tube that has the medicine in it. The shape of the mouth piece is in form of boot and the medicine is released in this shape. You must be wondering about the automatic release inhaler, well the metered dose inhaler has a type that automatically releases the medicine once you inhale. The number of times you have to use this inhaler depends upon prescription of doctor.

Varieties in Inhalers and a Comparison between them

The variety in Asthma inhalers does not end here. Even the metered dose inhaler has further types. The other types of this inhaler make it easy to inhale full dose. There is a spacer in these types which allows the intake in a slower but comfortable way. Now it is totally up to you whether you want a built in spacer or whether you prefer to have a separate spacer. Convenience has been one of the major concerns of people whenever the inhalers are in discussion and one has to realize that the spacer attached in halers are less convenient to carry however their medical benefits are large.

Comparing the Asthma inhalers, we see that except the dry powder inhaler, no other type of inhaler requires fast breathing from a person. The metered dose inhaler is suitable as it does not affect the throat and tongue of people as compared to other inhalers. When it comes to prices, the most suitable inhaler is the dry inhaler and then the metered dose inhaler comes. Indeed these inhalers are great benefit to use.


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