Some of the Best Asthma Home Remedies


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Effectiveness of Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma is, to some extent an incurable, a respiratory disorder that is characterised by difficulties in respiration or breathing process, predominantly in the process of exhaling.  Asthma attack can be caused by many stimuli including pollens, allergens, bacteria and irritants. Asthmatic attack can also be caused by diet allergy and genetic and environmental factors like smoke, dust etc. For the treatment of asthma, home remedies have been proved very effectual and these remedies have been helping man to prevent the attack of asthma for a long period of time. This article provides information regarding some of the proven and effectual asthma home remedies that are considered best for centuries.

Ten Most Effectual Remedies for Asthma

Probably the most primitive home remedy that has been used by man is the use of lemon and water. Both these substances are known for their purifying characteristics and help in flushing out the toxic substances from the human body. On the other hand, lemon performs different remedial functions due to its anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Lime contains an effective expectorant agent that is helpful in breaking down mucus and making respiration easy.

Among the most primitive asthma home remedies, second is the use of figs. It retains the ability to deplete phlegm and smoothes the process of breathing. Only two to three fruits are sufficient to heal the condition of the patient. It can help in prevention of attack if soaked in water in the evening and taken regularly in the morning. Third remedy for asthma is the use of banana, especially when serious attack of asthma occurs. It is used in the cooked form along with black pepper. It helps in opening the bronchioles and air ways for smooth breathing.

Among the asthma home remedies, garlic is also considered effectual for prevention of attack by decreasing the amount of mucous generated in the lungs. Asthma patients must use one or two cloves of garlic and chew them effectively. Alternatively, garlic juice can be consumed along with fruit juices. Use of honey is also encouraged because it can boost human immune system effectively. It is used for prevention of asthma attacks as well as during the attack. However, excess use of honey on daily basis is known to aggravate the condition of the patient.

Use of coffee, mustard oil and camphor is also advised as asthma home remedies. Caffeine is present in the coffee and has same effect as over the counter medication. All these substances are known to open up the bronchioles and help in easy breathing. Other home remedies for asthma patients include use of bishop’s weed that possesses expectorant properties. Indian gooseberry is known to fortify the power of immune system to resist asthma attack. Antiviral traits of the root of bitter gourd are also advised to the patients for temporary convenience in breathing and drumstick leaves are also famous as home remedy for patients suffering from this disease.


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