How to Know about Causes of Asthma


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A Brief Description of Causes of Asthma

Asthma is a lungs inflammation that gradually deteriorates and narrows down the air passages e.g. bronchioles in the body. Whenever the asthma patients inhale, they produce a whistling sound. Asthma patients experience severe and regular coughing, chest pain along with breathing problems. The people from all ages fall victim to asthma but statistics shows that asthma usually starts from childhood. Due to the asthma attack, the inflammation of respiratory tract occurs and movement of air becomes painful. Severe inflation may result in contraction or narrowing of air passages. In order to prevent severe asthma attack, it is inevitable to identify the causes of asthma.

Sometimes, the sensitivity of the air passages is increased, especially to the polluted air containing dust, pollens or other microscopic particles. This sensitivity results in tightening the muscles make the air movement very difficult and painful.  The narrowness of the muscles is also caused by continuous production of mucus from the walls of the respiratory tract. All of the above signs are helpful in diagnosing asthma attack. You must remember that asthma is an incurable disease and requires utmost attention. You can only take various measures to minimize its severity.

The Role of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Causing Asthma   

According to the research reports from various medical organizations, there is no single and major cause of asthma. According to these reports, the causes of asthma include some genetic as well as environmental factors. Some reports also show that most common cause of asthma is allergic reactions. Moreover, it is genetically transferred from parents to children when asthmatic mothers give birth to children. Asthma is also known to cause due to pulmonary as well as respiratory inflammation in the childhood. The sexual relationship with airborne allergens can also lead towards development of this disease.  The viral inflammation during childhood or deterioration of immune system is also considered important factors. The statistics reveal that asthma has more preference for males i.e. among the children; more young boys suffer from asthma when compared with the girls of same age. However, this relation is opposite in adults where women are more prone to asthma when compared with adult men.

There are no particular investigations and explanations for the contribution of gender hormones in the attack of asthma. However, genetic factor is not as important towards causing the disease as environmental factors. In fact, genes can only contribute towards development of asthma when suitable environmental conditions exist. Among other causes of asthma are the allergens; these are the things that cause allergies that ultimate develop into asthma. The examples of allergens are mites, dust, food, pets, molds, insect parts and work related agents.

All types of allergens encourage the asthma attack and this asthma is patient specific. It is important to note that not all types of allergens have similar effects for the patients. Different allergens trigger different effects on lungs. Every patient and persons related to asthmatic patients must have the information about causes of asthma to deal with disease more effectively.


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