Asthma in Children – An Alarming Situation


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Why Asthma in Children is Growing Rapidly?

Asthma has affected a lot of people around globe and can cause death in its severe case. It is reported by National Heart Lung and Blood institute that about 22 million people in US have become victim of asthma and almost 27% of the affected people are children. The number of children having asthma is growing rapidly. The triggers of asthma in children and adults are almost same. The lung disease in children also narrows and inflames the air passages. The air passages become very sensitive that cause many severe cases of asthma.

Asthma can be caused due to genetic and environmental factors such as pollen and animals, air pollution and weather changes. All the children affected by asthma do not show the same symptoms. It may be possible that symptoms for a same child are different for different conditions. Some common symptoms of asthma appearing in the children are wheezing, continuous attacks of cough during playing, laughing and crying, fast breathing and squatness of breathe.  If it is found that your child is suffering from asthma, you must try to collect all the information about disease. Carefully, observe the causes of asthma attack and find the methods to avoid these causes. Learn about the early treatment methods of asthma attack, it will help you to treat your child in case of emergency before sending him or her to hospital.

Effects of Asthma Attack on Children and Their Families

The usual suspects for asthma in children are environmental factors. The most common reason is the maternal smoking. Mothers smoking under the pregnancy are the major cause for wheezing and respiratory infections in their unborn child. Asthmatic parents are another cause of asthma in children.  When a child experienced the asthma attack his parents or his entire family is affected by it.

This condition cannot be cured completely but few things can bring it under control. The first measure to control this disease is the brief knowledge about it. You will be in better position to help your child, if you understand this disease. Keep away your child from triggers of asthma attack. Some of these triggers are smoke, mental stress and too hot or cold weather. There are two types of medication for asthma in children such as relievers and controllers.  If your child has prescribed drugs then make sure that he or she knows about its proper use.

Keep your child away from all the types of allergens because it is reported by medical researchers that there are almost 80% of children with asthma caused by allergens and about 50% of the adults are suffering from asthmatic allergies. All the asthmatic children are not allergic to something but this situation appears as a special case of asthma in children. Parents can help their children by taking measure to avoid these allergens. By the proper treatments and medications, the severity of asthma can be reduced for the children. Parents must carefully observe the symptoms of asthma in their young children and consult to physicians to know about the current information of asthma.


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