Finding the Symptom of Asthma


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Different types of Asthma and Symptom of Asthma

There are many diseases which are not easy to handle and understanding their causes and symptoms is very important. One of such diseases is Asthma as it has been a major life taking disease today. There are hundreds of thousands of people who get an asthma attack and they don’t survive. Many people term their deaths as incurable disease but the truth is that if one takes precautionary measures and is willing to overcome the deteriorating health, he can surely save his life. For this purpose one needs to understand the symptom of asthma as asthma attack can be dealt comfortably if the person identifies it in the first place. Though symptoms cannot be generalized easily and it cannot be said that the particular symptom for an individual will have same result for the other one but one can draw a general conclusion about symptoms for this disease.

One of the primary reasons why people fail to apprehend Asthma attack is because of their lack of understanding of this disease. Symptoms are the main classifier on which the level of asthma is declared and if one understands the symptoms, only then he can overcome the diseases. Many of you will be amazed to know that there are two types of Asthma. One is termed as extrinsic and the other one is termed as intrinsic. All the people that are affected by allergens are related to intrinsic asthma.

We will discuss the different types of Asthma and their symptoms. To start off, the first type of asthma is Brittle Asthma. The symptom of Asthma for this kind is of two types. The type 1 asthma symptoms include wide peak flow variability whereas the type 2 asthma symptoms include increase in irritation, referred as exacerbations. The Asthma attack can be identified if one has a lot of coughing and he is finding it difficult to breath. Chest tightness is one of these symptoms and it is recommended that the person should immediately contact doctor.

Various other signs of Asthma

Wheezing is considered as one of the most significant symptom of Asthma. It causes a sound just like of a whistle when you are breathing. Another symptom is the excess in use of accessory muscles for the purpose of breathing. There are also signs when the intake in pulse is lower while exhale has stronger pulse. These symptoms are very common and one can easily identify them. There are many sports that are considered as major causes of asthma. Symptoms become visible as one plays these sports. One of such sports is cycling. Another sport is weight lifting and it puts a lot of stress on your chest.

There have been a lot of cases in which the sleeping pattern of people is affected and it is a symptom of Asthma. The airway blockage and its continuation for longer period of time can cause complete failure. Although the disease is incurable but if one understands the symptoms, it can be pretty much controlled.


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