Understanding the Cause of Asthma


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Symptoms of Asthma and Cause of Asthma

Lungs are a very important part of our body and all the air passes through lungs. If the lungs of a person fail to do their task in normal way, then a person can have problem in breathing. One of such diseases that is caused by contraction of lungs is called as Asthma. Many of us are familiar with this disease and the effects that it has on a person. This condition can be for long time and severity of Asthma can even take life of person. Due to this, it becomes very important that we understand the cause of Asthma so that we can avoid it. It is also crucial as Asthma is considered as a disease that has no cure therefore we need to take measures to overcome the causes of it.

Asthma is not limited to a specific age group. Children of very small age can become a target of this disease as well as teenagers who are victims of allergy can also be affected.  We need to know the symptoms of asthma so that we can manage this disease. One of the most common symptoms of Asthma is the continuous whistle type sound that is produced in the airways while a person is breathing. One can see that children who do a lot of coughing become also a target of asthma. Whenever there is cold air and generally it is early morning time, people suffer from asthma attack and suffer from problems of breathing.

There has been debate among circles of experts about the cause of asthma. Some of them term it that the causes are known and there are many variables that play a role in causing the disease. The first factor that has proved to cause asthma is the genetic transfer of this disease. There might be one of our ancestors that suffered from this disease and now today this disease is transferred to new ones. Inflammation is one of the common genetic transfers that is seen in nose lining and allergies are also known for carrying the disease.

Environmental factors leading to Asthma

Environment today is not as pure as it was fifty to eighty years back and it is one of the leading cause of asthma today. Today there is a lot of dust in homes and children are generally not more into playing outside. As a result there are very many chances of them becoming asthmatic. We have seen elders smoke a lot of tobacco. If young kids are exposed to it then they will also suffer. There are also many chances that diet can also create asthma.

Teenagers today do not understand the significance of exercising every day. As exercising helps in expansion of air ways and makes it easy for one to breath, therefore avoiding daily exercise becomes one of the primary cause of asthma. One also needs to be careful about the workplaces as there are substances in the environment that can cause asthma. Once understood it becomes easier to minimize asthma impact.


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