What is Asthma Exacerbation?


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Defining Asthma Exacerbation

If you have concerns for Asthma and patients suffering from this painful infection, you must have heard about its different types and different medical terms that are used by medical consultants to describe this condition. One of these terms is asthma exacerbation that is nothing but an alternate term for the attack of asthma. During the attack or exacerbation, respiratory tract is the major part of human body that is affected and deteriorated with the passage of time. Respiratory tract is divided and subdivided into finer tracts; these fine parts are tightened due to the accumulation of mucus in these parts. The constriction of these fine tubules leads towards difficult and painful breathing.

Many things present in your environment can trigger the disease and severity of attack. Therefore, patients must be provided quick and effectual treatment for provision of relief. Many of the triggers are known for their ability to cause this condition, a severe type of asthma attack. The doctors and researcher have not yet defined the major trigger of the disease. The disease is considered incurable till date due to many facts. It might be that the lack of knowledge about the causal agent has prevented the scientists to reach an effectual drug for the treatment of the disease. Among other causes, the knowledge of the many triggering agents and different cause and different level of symptoms for different persons might have confused the researchers to reach one or more effective drugs that can provide relief to the victims of asthma.

Asthma exacerbation is caused by allergens (e.g. molds and pollens), irritants (strong smell plus smoke), and sensitivity of the patients to medication of different infections, extreme mental stress, chest or heartburn diseases and excessive exercise. The major impact of these triggers include tightness of chest cavity, painful breathing requiring power of lungs, wheezing that comes out when patients try to force oxygen into their lungs, periodic cough, severe panic and blueness of skin due to lack of oxygen.

Asthma Exacerbation is classified into four different types or categories depending upon the severity, symptoms and some other factors. Fist category is the mild or intermittent asthma in which attack or symptoms occur twice in one week at maximum or only during two times a month. The second category of this ailment is known as mild persistent asthma in medical terms that accompanies attack or appearance of symptoms more than twice during one week. The rate of attack is more than two times a month but it never exceeds thirty times a month or more than once in one day.

Third category of asthma exacerbation is named as moderate persistent asthma that is characterized with occurrence of attack everyday or multiple nights in one week. Fourth category is called severe persistent asthma that is the worst of all. It is characterized with symptoms everyday and attack may occur multiple times during one day or during a night. It is clear that all the four categories of asthma are based on the occurrence of attack.


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